Bill Gellerman Photography LLC. Bold Inspired Real Portraits | ~ an investment in your memories and your story ~

So many people question why do I believe it is an investment? What does that mean? 
An investment is when you put something in, that's going to give you some kind of return. You're getting professional photography of you, your family, your wedding, your corporate event, your relationship, an event or celebration and even your pets. In return you're getting a lifetime of memories forever enhanced and immortalized in portraits. You're having a story about your live, told in portraits, that generations to come will enjoy.

You see our memories are fluid and although we remember the emotional experiences, we don't always have a clear picture of what really happened or what it was really like. Pictures and albums specifically take the guess work out of that, they help to recreate the story, year after year, authentically and can even help to embelish it too, you know, if your one cousin is telling the story, year after year how the fish gets bigger...

You are investing in your memories, your children, your grandkids, those people who are most precious to you now and always will have a secure and special place in your lives, and in your hearts. 

We've got Canvas Wraps, Leather Wraps, Metal Prints, Curved Metal prints, Wood Mounted Prints, Metallic Mounted Prints, Matte Mounted Prints, Wall Collage Groupings, Frames, Easels, Float Wraps, Acrylic and all kinds of other print, keepsake and wall portrait options.  

Family portrait clients invest between $250-$500 for the session and between $2500 and $5000 on wall art and gift prints.  

Senior portrait clients invest between $500-$750 for their sessions which include some print credit as well. The average client invests $2000 on their senior portrait wall art and gift prints.  

Commercial Photography rates are $500/half day - anything less than 5 hours, and $750 for anything over 5 hours. 

Head Shot portraits start at $225 for 1, however when there are more involved there are discounted prices per person available. 

Wedding Photography starts out at $1500 up to $5500. There are many options to choose from which most clients invest between $2000 and $8000 on their wedding portrait wall art and gift prints. 

Boudoir, Beauty and Fitness sessions start out at $399 and go up to $2000 with most investing around $1250 for wall art, albums and some more intimate artistic imagery.

I would greatly appreciate the chance to meet with you and discuss all of your photography needs and customizing a package that fits what you want and need, as there are exceptions to every guideline.  

Thank you so much. I look forward to serving you.