Bill Gellerman Photography LLC. Bold Inspired Real Portraits: Blog en-us (C) Bill Gellerman Photography LLC. (Bill Gellerman Photography LLC. Bold Inspired Real Portraits) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:10:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:10:00 GMT Bill Gellerman Photography LLC. Bold Inspired Real Portraits: Blog 96 120 MacKenzie and Dylan Lubeck The Ridges Golf Course Wisconsin Rapids Wedding Photography Dylan and MacKenzie have been in love since High School! Went to College in LaCrosse and tied the knot on 7.29.17. They are adorable together and truly respect and love one another. Hopefully these images tell their love story in an accurate and honest way. Thanks again guys! 
When you're ready to have your love story told, give us a call! 920.609.7526

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Wisconsin Senior Portrait Photographer - Kollen Appleton East Patriot Class of 2018 When you 1st meet this young man, you have no idea how motivated, determined and purpose filled he is. Kollen was a lot of fun to photograph and we've got another session planned with some outdoor stuff to get done. Eagle scouts are pretty impressive young people, there is no doubt about him being a leader in the community and at whatever he chooses to do in the future. 

Thanks Kellner family for trusting me with your youngest son's senior portraits, they are impressive young men! Here are a few more to enjoy! 

When you're ready for a great senior portrait experience give me a call and lets make a session that is all about you and who you are! Call today! 
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Aaron Stannard Senior Portraits Kimberly HS - Wisconsin Senior Portrait Photographer Aaron was a blast to photograph, he's full of adventure and was willing to do anything we needed to get the shots we were looking for to really show his personality. His mom even brought his trumpet and dress clothes that he forgot, she's pretty awesome too! 

So here is a few of his images we've created so far...Enjoy!  If you're a junior and you want an experience that is remarkable, and not ordinary, something to remind you of this time in your life, who you are, what you're about and what you've done in your high school career, then give me a call. I'm booking sessions now! 
Bill@billgellermanphotography or find me on Facebook

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Mr. and Mrs. Sara and Joel Behl 12.17.16...A day to celebrate...a day of epic snowfall...a day of love...a day where 2 people gave themselves to one front of God, family and friends...committed to one another for ever. 

Joel and Sara said their vows and it was an amazing day. Lots of truckloads of it...and they had the most wonderful intimate service and the venue for the reception...The Chandelier Ballroom in Hartford...was exceptional...

It was a glorious day and I was honored to be able to record their day, in portraits, so they have this as a beginning to the story of their marriage...

They are so fun and in love with one another... A true love story... 

Thank you both so much for trusting me and sharing your day with me. See you soon! 
If you are looking for someone to tell your love story... contact us today! Please. Thank you.

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Fall family portrait specials - UPDATED times As you know we're doing family portraits on October 11th-12th-13th-17th-18th-24th and 25th. 

Times Available as of today: 11th - 10am only
                                           12th - 10am-3pm-5pm
                                            13th - 2pm - 5pm 
                                             17th - 9am - 11am - 1pm - 3pm - 5pm
                                              18th - 11am - 3pm
                                               24th - 9am - 11am - 1pm - 5pm 
                                                25th - 10am - 2pm - 4pm 

So Get signed up today. The rest of those appointment times are taken, already, so don't wait. 

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Fall Family Mini Sessions - October 2015 - Green Bay/Appleton family photographer Hello everyone! Yes yes yes it is that time of year again for family portraits. It's important! It really is. 

There are only 4 spots open per day and one of those days is already mostly full. So hurry up! 
Call me: 920.609.7526 or email me: to sign up immediately. Lets get you on the calendar. 

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Aaron and Rebecca Reed Wedding 8.15.15; Oregon to Bay Wedding Photography Aaron and Rebecca were married in Green Bay on the 15th of August 2015. It was a perfect day, super warm(which I miss now) but just a wonderful day all around. 

When Rebecca and Aaron 1st contacted me I was super excited because they were in Oregon and I thought, I'll get to go to Oregon...but as it turns out they planned on coming to Green Bay, which worked out better all around. They have family that came from out of state, out of town and out of the country to be here on their day. It was inspiring to meet their families to share some laughs and witness the support and love they have from everyone who attended. I think what really hit me was the genuine nature of everyone who was there. 

So looking at the day, I try to plan out and have a few basic ideas of what I want to be sure to get at each wedding. I like to push myself because although every wedding is different for every couple, I want to continue to grow and do more, be more. Basically I knew that I'd like to tell a story about these two wonderful human beings, with every portrait and hopefully we were able to do just that. 

So without further adieu, here are Rebecca and Aaron Reed, their friends, their families and a glimpse into the love that was shared that day. 
The guys were very serious about their responsibilities...
The girls were very excited...
Their families are...well...exceptional...

OH and I almost forgot...there was...chair wrestling...
Thank you so much Rebecca and was a pleasure to meet you guys, to meet your families, yes YOU Wayde, and spend the day with you all. I get inspired just looking at these images all over again, so thank you so sharing your day with us. 

See you soon! Safe travels. 


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Cody Allie Mattes Wedding; Vander Vest Harley Davidson; Green Bay Wedding Photography So a little more than a month ago.....

There once was a boy and a girl who had decided that they wanted to be married and they picked the 1st day of August 2015 to be that day....
The boy....
The girl...
This boy liked this girl...A LOT! 

So they invited their friends....

Who were obviously very excited....
RORY_ODRISCOLL And they said I do and we will and the best kind of promises you can make...
About forever and always...
There were rings...
Oh and Grandma came too...(she's pretty cool!)
There was dancing...
RORY_ODRISCOLL Lots of dancing...
But mostly...there was love...
Oh and A LOT OF laughing...
Some cake even too...
But mostly and for surely...there will always be this kind of love...Bright as the sky...deep as the ocean...
RORY_ODRISCOLL True, total, immense, beautiful, adorable, wholesomely committed...kind of love...
Thank you guys for letting us spend the day with you. You've got an enormously great idea of what love is and how it works...always cultivate that and watch as it grows and grows. You guys are the best! 

Love ya! 


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Meghan Tilot - Senior 2016 - Ashwaubenon Jaguar; Wisconsin Senior Portrait Photography I'm here to introduce Meghan and while she doesn't need much in the way of introduction, I want to share a bit about this amazing young lady. 

Meghan is exceptionally sweet and charming.
She is a kind caring human being that enjoys taking care of residents and creates lasting relationships with them, by doing simple things they appreciate.
She's got a very very sharp mind, you'll be hard pressed to catch her off her game.
She's empathetic and for someone so young that is a great character trait. This helps her in relating to almost everyone she meets, being a great listener and compassionate are simply additional items that give her a solid range of great qualities that will aid her in her life's journey. 
She's been playing varsity tennis now for a couple years and she's a great competitor. While she hates losing, because she's a perfectionist. She also understands that defeats help you grow into a better version of yourself, but don't ever think she'll even think about giving up. Never happen.  
Being focused on her success personally and professionally has brought her over some big hurdles and will continue to launch her, boldly, into her future. She's already got several college credits, as a Junior in HS, and as she eyes Madison next fall, she's making plans to excel there too! 
All in all this is literally one of the best human beings I've ever met. Intelligent, seasoned, hopeful, sarcastic, self-conscious, kind, beautiful, thoughtful, enthusiastic, and polite. She's got so much goodness to give to the planet, watching her grow and blossom is going to be a treat.
Her parents are and rightfully so, very proud of her. I'm just blessed that I got to photograph her and her brother 2 years ago. Being honored by this family's trust in me to give them what they will cherish for years to come, is such a humbling feeling that words do little to express fittingly. Thank you is all I've got. It means the world to me. 

If you're interested in a senior session that you can look back on as being true to who you are today, call me, today. 920.609.7526
After all, don't you deserve to have your story told so that you're future generations can actually see you for you? Yes, yes you do. 

Call today we're booking up quickly. 

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The Season of Love - Wisconsin Premiere Wedding and Destination Photography Since Wedding season officially begins for Tara and I this weekend. Also on Sunday Andrea, Adam and I are going to look through all of these engagement pictures...I was looking through them today and I was a little stunned that not only did I do these but that I get the honor, we get the honor of photographing people in love all summer long. It dawned on me how amazing that is. How truly blessed we are, Tara and I both, to have the chance to share such a huge day with so many brides, grooms and their families. The people that mean the most to them in the wide world. It really is a blessing to be endowed with these gifts of capturing the truth of a love story the beginnings of it and all the promise it contains. 

Thank you, one and all and let the joyful season of love commence!

See you guys in a couple days! See you all this summer! Happy 2015! 

If you're looking for engagements and/or a wedding photographer, give me a call. Booking into 2016 and 2017 currently. We appreciate referrals! 


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Professional Head Shot portraits - Fathers Day - Appleton Green Bay Photographer With Fathers day fast approaching, yes, I know it was just Mothers moves so fast now...

So lets slow it down a bit. Lets get your professional portrait updated. Are you're using a selfy for your LinkedIN page, your facebook business page, your website or email signature that you send to clients, your twitter or instagram account??  Then you NEED to update that. Is your picture from more than a year ago? Then you need to update that. Is your picture of you and your kids, or your dog or your car? Then you NEED to update that. 

You're a professional right? You want to give the best 1st impression you can right? You want people to WANT to get to know you, right? Call you, email you, get in touch with you, so you can provide them your service, right? Then you NEED to update your professional portrait. 

Let me help YOU, help yourself. Like these people! 
Madison is a new teacher. 
Jeffery is one of the owners of JET AIR in Green Bay. 

Erin works at a business in Neenah. 

Mark is the head guy at the Green Bay Convention and visitors Bureau. 

A lawyer at Corneille Law in Green Bay. 

My photographer friend, Lisa Ann, from upstate New York. 

My friend Brenda, who is a top Mary Kay Consultant, in the country.  

Now, call today to get your portrait updated so you can ALWAYS put your best FACE, forward. 920.609.7526 or

Do it. Today! Don't wait for tomorrow, we all know that tomorrow is just an idea it never really happens! LOL! 

See you soon! 


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Spring Time is here and that means Family Portraits! Kimberly Neenah WI Photographer Spring time shows up and all of a sudden that warm that we've been wanting for months, shows up in 1 day! It is 80 degrees today and a little windy but we'll take it. 

Now all you need to make this time complete is a family portrait. I'm running a special with a print included. I've also got collections that you can choose to upgrade too, which save you money from the ala carte prices. 

So get your mom something that she can't get anywhere else. YOU and your family in a frame, where she'll be able to see you and cherish your faces for years to come. Memories, for generations to come. 

Book by the 10th! Can be photographed in May or June whenever your family is getting together. Call/Text/Email today! 

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Senior Portraits - Appleton Neenah Menasha Oshkosh Green Bay Ashwaubenon Photographer Let's talk about senior portraits. Why are they so important? What's the alure? Why do you need to be sure they are fantastic? What sets us apart? 

Importance: This is a huge stepping stone time. Friendships made in high school often last long into the future and we reflect on times gone by, as we get older, with high school as the measuring stick. "We've come this far" or "Look at where we are now" and "Did you ever think in high school, I'd be doing this?". It is a part of our culture. We are finding ourselves and those who are on the same kind of path we are and we're nutruing those relationships. 

What we at Bill Gellerman Photography try to do with every session is tell a story about who you are right now, today. Because in the blink of an eye, you're going to be a new, different, better, more experienced, fuller, happier and successful, adult. Oh no! Yes. You will be. LOL! Don't worry it isn't that bad but who you are today has a lot to shaping who you are going to be, tomorrow. So we'd like to be accurate when telling your story. 

The alure: Well basically, you get what you want. You don't have to have a studio session, we can do outdoors, if that is your preference. You don't have to sit and smile, especially if you're not a smiler or you feel uncomfortable "smiling" like your mom and grandma want you to, all the time. Yes, I know what that feels like and while it makes mom happy at the time, if you're not having fun, then she won't love the images, because it will show! 

Fantastic: Well don't you want your whole life to be fantastic? isn't always that way, but if you are doing something that's going to tell a story about you, shouldn't it be what YOU want it to be? How you want it to be told? In your own words? With your own style and color? ABSOLUTELY. In my humble opinion, the only way to get it to be fantastic, is to talk to you, and find out what you are about. Who you are and a little bit about why. Then not only do you have a great time, but you'll also love the images. 

What sets Bill Gellerman Photography apart from others... Personality. Customizing each session. Talking about the details and making them happen. Finding out what's most important to mom, dad AND you, because after all this is your legacy. You should have say in what it says about you. I want you to enjoy your experience so much that you encourage others to do it, that when you decide to find a spouse and they say, we need to find a photographer you say, "We've got to have Bill, because my senior portraits were awesome!"

The idea of senior portraits can sound boring and troublesome, I get that. However I'm sure that I can change your mind about how you might think it's going to go. After all, I'm not your mom and dad's senior portrait photographer. I'm an artist and I'd like to write your story, in lights, using your words. 

Give me a call/text/email today and lets make your session the best experience it can be. 920.609.7526 &

Building relationships, like the ones with these seniors and their families, one frame at a time. 

Book your YOU-nique senior portrait session, TODAY! ;-) call/text/email 920.609.7526 or and/or Follow us on Instagram BOLDINSPIREDREAL


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Mom's day! Family Portraits! Get everyone together! Appleton Neenah Kaukauana Photographer It's that time of year when mom says, "I want to see you all, we need a family picture". You all show up at mom's house, ready to eat and enjoy the relaxing feel of the day, seeing your cousins and chatting with your cool uncle about all the cool stuff he does at his job. Hoping you get to nap from the food coma, you can smell coming from grandma's kitchen. 

Then it happens. You know it's going to, you know mom or grandma can't help it. But you've tuned it out, hoping that you won't be forced into it. "C'mon everyone lets get a picture". 

So uncle John sets up his camera on the tripod and for 26 minutes(what seems like 3 hours) you've got to sit next to the cousin who always smell like your old sneakers or your dog and you have to grit your teeth and smile. (IS THIS OVER YET???) Yes I can hear you screaming that in your mind! 

How about this year, you make the plans? How about you say, "mom, we love you and we want you to have something special to put up in the house". "Something that will be timeless, that will represent all of us, that will not involve awkward uncomfortable family stuff." "We want you to have an amazing family portrait, that you can cherish after we leave." Or better yet, one big group family portrait with several other individual family portraits, so there is a grouping that mom can admire and cherish all year. 

So book me today, so you don't have Uncle John/Bob/Henry/Art/Herb setting up his camera for 20 minutes...making everyone crabby. I'm making 5 appointments on Mothers day 2 before noon, 3 afternoon for 1 hour each. I'll come to your house or meet you at a park and we get your whole families portraits set up and I promise, they will be fun! Then I'll spend the time with mom/grandma/grandpa in a week or so, figuring out what they want to display in their home, so you don't have to. 

Call/text/email to book today! Don't wait. 920.609.7526

You can have the whole family being happy! 
I will even photograph just the kids/grandkids so grandma or mom isn't begging you for those pictures all year! ;-) 
You can even photo bomb some of them so mom laughs at you when we look through them! 

And if you've got a young'un, I'll be sure to get plenty of those so you've got some for you too! 

You can have your own unique portrait, that really tells a story about YOUR family! 
Or just a picture of the kid who can jump the highest! She was super awesome! 

Those images that dad's or mom's will cherish forever and when kids are older, they won't have words to it makes them feel to have this. 

Or maybe an image with both kids awake and smiling is the one for you!?! (this is sometimes harder than you think)

Not really, well not for me. I'm just a big kid, so we get along pretty well. HA. 

But for me, the best part? Making an image that your family will cherish for years to come. That you can look back on in 20 years and say, that was REALLY us. We had a good time, we enjoyed that picture and it is a favorite experience of ours, as a family. 
Kids grow up but as they do their memories are embossed and enhanced by the pictures of your family that they are in, that you display in your home. That you send to family and friends and cherish. They learn to appreciate family, from you. So this year, apprecaite who you are, right here, right now, today. Put those memories in a frame and display those memories for the world to see so when they are grown and gone with kids and loved ones of their own, they know the importance of family. 

Call/text/email today. 920.609.7526 or

I can't wait to meet your family!!

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Brett U. Appleton West Terror Senior Model Rep - Appleton Senior Portrait Photography I actually got the chance to meet Brett a couple years ago when I was blessed to get to photograph his sister, Marisa's senior portraits, he was so quiet and reserved. Now he's still quiet and reserved, but he is truly confident. This shows up in how he carries himself, how he dresses and how he treats those around him. He uses his confidence to get his friend Nick to try new things. (Shout out Nick!) He's a great listener, along with being considerate, cheerful and in the values he holds himself to. He is very reliable, his mom said, "If I need something done, I call Brett and I know it gets done." That's impressive for a 17 year old, with so much going on in his life. Football, work, a wonderful girlfriend, who says, "the biggest thing I noticed about him, was he could make people smile just randomly by paying them some attention or a compliment." 

He is a very unselfish young man, who has the drive and quite determination to be whatever he chooses to be. May your future be bright and flow easily my friend. 

"All doors are hard to unlock until you have the key" ~ Robert C. O'Brien, American Writer ~

Here a just a few of his stellar Senior Model session. When you're ready to get your senior portraits done, get in touch with Brett or call/text/email or 920.609.7526


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Grace poise and beauty all in one Miss T's Beauty & Boudoir Neenah/Appleton Photograher Miss T got in touch with me as she's getting prepared to become a bride and wanted to get a positive photo session done to make her feel beautiful. Well I don't think that took much work on my part, she's so sweet, nice and positive that the whole session was nothing but amazing. The camera loves her, she loves the camera and I'm sure her fiance' is going to love these image of her. 

When you're ready to give the love of your life, a gift that is so personal and intimate that you can't find in any store, give me a call, lets set up a consultation to pamper you so you can show your best to your one and only! 
Call/email today. 920.609.7526

"The allure of a great woman is the confidence inside her that says, she can get dressed up and look her best but she doesn't have to do it everyday. Knowing she can feel her best is enough, no matter what she's wearing." 

Schedule your session today! 920.609.7526 or

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Trina S. Beauty & Fitness Competition Session - Appleton Neenah Fitness & Beauty Photographer Trina had a goal. She set her sights on a competition in the Fox Valley and set out to compete. She worked hard, daily, to acheive what you're about to see. In her own words: 

"Although I've been "petite" all my life ( I'm 5'1" tall) I've not always been fit or healthy. My journey has been a roller coaster. I found my love of fitness as a junior in high school and began training for my first bodybuilding competition at the age of 19. But at 20 years old, my husband and I found out we were going to be parents! It was our greatest blessing, but it also derailed my health. I didn't eat right or exercise like I should've and I put on 60 pounds. After we had our first, I worked hard and got back to my pre-baby body (with some new battle scars) and was considering trying to compete again. But, family comes first, and the births of our second and then third child (and 60 lbs of weight gain each time) meant life was hectic and my personal fitness goals had taken a back seat. After the birth of our third child, I vowed that I would find my strongest, healthiest self. And it was as I was slowly changing my body, spending a little time each day on taking care of myself, that people started to ask me, "What are you training for?" That's when it hit me! I want to finish what I started! I began training for my first bodybuilding competition January 1, 2015. And with intense training and a strict nutrition plan, 100 days later, I stepped on the stage! At 30 years old, with 3 kids, I got first call out and placed 6th. The experience was amazing and challenging and incredibly rewarding, and I'm already training for my second competition! And it proves that you should never give up on your goals!"

When Trina started back in January: 
Now here is a look at where her journey has taken her thus far: 
I was so impressed with Trina when we met to talk about the session she wanted and her why, her motivation. She has such a graceful classiness about her along with her beauty and she still wanted to be the best version of herself that she could be. Then I got to know her a bit more, got to see her posts via facebook of the sacrifices of what she was eating, every day, to be the best version of herself for the competition. (Ps. I can't eat like that! You're awesome!) So, we did some celebration images of not only her strength and resolve, but of her beauty as well. I believe that every woman deserves the chance to pamper herself, celebrate her own beauty and embrace her feminine side. Trina did this to perfection. 

Here is what she had to say about her portait session: 
"I wanted to really celebrate this personal victory in my life and came to Bill Gellerman to help me capture this time in my life. He truly translated my personality and my journey through his beautiful images! I will be seeing him again for sure!"
"Bill's photography speaks for itself! Wonderfully talented and passionate about his work, Bill makes finding your true image fun and exciting! He perfectly captured me! 
I would absolutely recommend him to anyone who wants professional, quality, one-in-a-million shots! Such a great experience!!!!!"

When you are ready to celebrate you, whether your transforming yourself to be healthier or simply because you want to feel pampered and beautiful, give me a call, or get in touch with Trina. She will put you in touch with me and we will set up at time to talk about you, find out what your journey is about and we will plan a session specificly around you, and what makes you younique, so that your celebration of your beauty is honest, true and empowering. 

Trina, thank you so much for trusting me to give you such a great experience, I can't wait to see you again! 

Call/text/email or 920.609.7526

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Carley P. Xavier High School Hawk Model Rep 2016 - Appleton Senior portrait photographer To know Miss Carley, is to know that she is a giggler. She can giggle at the drop of a hat. She's one of the most loyal, caring and compassionate young ladies I've ever met, with a giggle and a smiley face that can stop you in your steps. 

She's a joy to be around and after I was given the chance to photograph her brother a few years ago, she was just as much fun, and she didn't have any stains on her favorite shirt! (just razzing ya Connor) LOL! 

Anyway she is the 1st of the 2016 Senior Model Reps for me this year and I am so happy to get the opportunity to photograph this awesome time in her life.

"Soon she'll be a woman, with life and responsibilities and all of the pressures of everyday, but for now, she's a shining light. A blossom of hope for all that is new and wonderful, full of adventure and daring, ready to take in and on this whole big world. Courageous, Brave and Beautiful."

See this smile? Her daddy LOOOOOOVESSS THIS! ;-) 

To book your son/daughter's senior portraits get in touch with Carley or call/text/email or 920.609.7526

Let's make your senior portraits something you'll really enjoy and be happy with for years to come. 

Thanks Carley, Michelle and Tom! See you soon! 

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Family does that relate to the self esteem of your children? In recent years we've heard a great deal about "the mental health of the next generation" and "how to make them happier kids". With all of the bullying and the very unfortunate worldwide events that have cost kids and loved ones their lives and loved ones it isn't hard to make the connection. We NEED to be aware of how our kids are feeling and how they deal with or communicate those feelings. 
We all want our kids to have a better grasp of the world around them, of life and how to traverse the difficulties they will, undoubtedly, face as they grow and mature. So we share our hardships and our triumphs with them and hopefully, we do so in a way that is both healthy and productive. Another way to give them some hope, some sense of self and the confidence that they are, as my friend Christine says, "enough" just as they are, is by putting portraits of them on display in our homes. 
This is the place we are safe, secure and is a place where we can, let our guard down, because after all, "these people here are my family and they love me, unconditionally, always have and always will". Hopefully being able to be themselves and share the memories of past experiences, see those moments in times, like "trophies" in and around the home can help to elevate their self worth and their love of themselves and their family. Yes even their brother or sister who is "ALWAYS in my stuff". LOL! 

Here is an article that I think you'll find very insightful and hopefully inspiring.

When you're ready to book a session and put those memories on display in your home, give me a call, I would love to spend a day with your family documenting your memories, making some new ones and if I can, help to build your children's image of themselves. Happiness is contagious! Hope is a super power! 

Can't wait to see you!

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2016 Senior Portraits; Appleton, Kimberly, Neenah, Green Bay, Senior portrait photographer We are now taking bookings for amazing senior portrait sessions. We're booking Reps who get 2 sessions, no session fee and an amazing experience. In order to apply please look for the contact information below and apply. 

Would you like to get a "no session fee" senior portrait experience? There is a minimum order amount and all of that goes toward your choice of Canvas wall art, Metal dynamic imagery, Art wall pieces or gift prints. 

Do you want to look your absolute best? Hair and Makeup are included in your session at no additional charge. 
Do you want everyone else to be a little envious of where you got your images done?

Do you want something that says, "this is me, how amazing and awesome I feel on my most empowered day, dressed for the success that is going to come my way"? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to get in touch with us today. Session times and dates are booking up quickly already. 

Also if you book soon enough, you can get a FREE session with your senior prom friends, done by me, on the day of prom, so you have awesome pictures of all of your friends too! Memories don't just happen, you make them. Make it happen today! 

Email or Call/Text 920.609.7526

Don't wait, don't regret not making a statement. Be your best self, and let You shine. 


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Booking now...2016 Senior Reps That's right, we're booking 2016 Senior Reps now! Get your application in, set up a consult. Get the details down. Make the most of your experience. Plan an epic session, whether it be up in door county at Cave Point at 4am to see the sunrise or if you'd rather do it in the middle of Lake Winnebago at Sunset, or perhaps you're a football player who wants to have the most rough and tough images in your school, or perhaps you're a scholar and you spend a lot of time in the library or studying at home. The best part is if your ideas are awesome, we can and WILL make them better than imagined. 

So 1st things 1st, tell your mom or dad to call. Set up a time to meet with me and we talk about who you are and why you're the most amazing person you are, obviously. Ps if you're a comedian, we're getting you a stage and a microphone, NOT KIDDING! Then, we meet, you and your parents answer a few questions about you, your life, your dreams and hopes, what it is you want to go out into the world to do and then we schedule your session. That easy. Then you get outfit recommendations, you get to choose what you like best and mom gets to choose what Grandma will like best! HAHA, you know how Grandma likes you clean and smiling, then we get ready for your session. If you're a guy or girl with long flowing locks of awesome hair, you'll get a style and then we'll shoot. No time limit, no location constraints, and no "look over here and smile pretty" cause...yeah you know what I'm talking about. 

Then, we'll edit the best of the best at least 50 images and then you and your parents get to pick out what you want to display in your house, what you want to share with your friends. You'll get a cool phone app, for iPhones or Androids, that you can share your pictures that way too, and your parents will have a chance to pic out keepsakes, cause you're gonna want them when you're 30ish and have kids of your own, trust me on this, I know! 

So if you want to have a great time, and don't want to regret doing this the best way you possibly can. Get ahold of me today! No time to waste! Session times are limited as are available dates! Talk soon! 


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Beauty Sessions Beauty sessions, to celebrate you. 

Call today to book your own intimate portrait session, for you or perhaps to share with your significant other. Either way, it is a celebration of you and the experience will be amazing.

When you book this month you'll be entered into a drawing, of your choice, to win a $50.00 Cranky Pats Pizza gift card, or a $50.00 Aveda Serenity Salon and Spa gift card.

Call/email today, there are only a select number of dates available in the short month of Feb. 920.609.7526

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Glamour Beauty Portrait sesssions, in time for Valentines Day On January 31st we'll be doing glamour beauty portraits, with a few times left to date. 

We've got a 8am, 9am, 10am time slots open. These are going over well, next year we'll be doing 2 days for sure.  Each session is designed specifically to accent your unique beauty and show your best stuff. Give us the chance to help you shine. Call/email today to book your appointment, and we'll even talk to you about your wardrobe and what will work best for you. 

Call to get one of the last 3 appointment times. We can't wait to see you! 

~hope is a super power~grasp ahold~

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Fall Family Portraits It is that time of year again for Fall Family Portraits. Whether you're wanting Christmas cards with some beautiful fall colors or you haven't had a family portrait in...well however long it's been...or maybe you want to mark this year in the timeline of your families growth. Give us a call lets set up a time to get you all in front of the camera and spend some precious time making some memories to display in your home.

Dates and times are limited, call as soon as you can. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Hope: It is a SUPER POWER! Hope: It is a Super Power. 

"Winning isn't defined by the score at the end of the game, it is defined by how you play, why you play and the manner in which you play and live."

Thanks for the inspiration for that Stuart Scott.

"Be inspired to be the very best version of yourself and strive to leave the best of yourself with those you love, for that is your legacy."


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Adam and Megan: Engaged and in Love Adam and Megan: Engaged and in Love. When we were heading to the Farmers Market I wanted Adam and Megan to really get into the emotions of what they felt for one another so I asked Adam if he remembered how he felt in the days and hours leading up to the big moment, and he did. I asked Megan if she remembered that day or couple of days where she just knew that when and if he asked, she was already to say Yes. She said, "I just knew we fit together so well, he didn't drive me crazy like other people do sometimes and really we just fit." Truer words were never spoken, they do indeed just fit together. 

So we spent some time doing the things they love to do together, which is mostly being, together. I can't wait to photograph their wedding in just over a month, it is going to be amazing. 

They are so cute together! 
And they really do smile almost all the time! 
They are really great together! 
See!! She's even smiling in there! 
Like she said, they just fit!
Thanks so much for letting me share this day with you guys! Lots of laughs and fun. See you soon! 

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2015 Seniors: Why is a senior portrait so dang important? Those of you whom are going to be seniors, don't you ask yourselves this question? Why is my senior portrait so important? 

Well I've got a couple ideas on that, I don't know that they are answers, I don't know that they apply to everyone, but at the very least they might give you something to think about and consider. 
You are a teenager, full of wonder and freedom, full of promise and hope, full of self doubt and insecurity, full of desire to please others and be noticed, to be special to someone, someone who doesn't have to treat you well, but wants to, because of whom you are.

I believe these qualities must be remembered when photographing seniors, men and women, because they are just that. Young men and women, looking for someone to give them a glimpse into their futures, helping them to grasp this time in their lives and how special it is, someone to give them a memory of whom they are right here and right now, that they can hold onto, embrace even, so they can find their path without losing themselves. This is their biggest photography event in their lives, most of them have a lot of their own input into, it is a stepping stone. It is my belief that that stone should lead to somewhere with promise of new starts, new hope, new freedom, new character, new courage, bigger dreams, bigger ideas and the security of knowing they might fall, but that as long as they stay true to themselves, nothing can keep them down. 

So I say to you all, go get your dreams, chase them down like a wild stallion on the plains, racing the wind. Knowing your feet will carry you, being grounded and know you've got your feet under you and your wings are just learning to work. 

Your senior portraits are about so much more than your pictures, they are a story of your life, where you've come from and whom you are, so that when you are ready to take flight, or even small steps, you also know where you started and that you can always come home again, where your story is always going to be special to those who've watched you grow into the young adult you are. 

Dream big, find your wings, hold on tight and embrace the dawn of each new day with excitement and promise. You've got this, you've earned it. 

Call today to book your session: 920.609.7526


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Fathers Day: Did you get a picture WITH your dad? Fathers Day: Did you get a picture WITH your dad? 

Did you get one with your mom for Mothers day? 

Why? Or better yet, why NOT? 

Is it too hard to schedule a portrait session with a professional for a day when your entire family is gathered to celebrate the people who made you, possible? Who taught you love and respect? Who continue to support you as you raise your family? When you think about the pictures in your home, are those roots, where you've come from, in them? 
Have you celebrated them, and kept their memories, so that you can share that with your own grandchildren? Perhaps your great grandchildren? 

Didn't you wonder, when you were a child, where you came from and who came before you? 
The memories you've got as a child, are so so precious to you the laughs the way your dads hands wrapped around you and his beard scratched you. The way your mom's hair smelled as she hugged you. The way her shirt smelled when she hugged you randomly throughout the day. The way your dad looked and smelled when he came home from work. Those are all things that hold your memories in a safe, secure and happy place in your heart. 
Don't those memories, the laughs, the hugs, the sounds and the feelings, deserve to be set aside in some portraits, saved for future generations, so that the stories are crisp and clear for them and so you can tell your stories to them, about where you came from? 

Call to book that family portrait session today. Don't wait. Fall is the busy time here with the colors, but where ever you want them done and whenever, it is never too early or too late. Don't wait til it is. 

Share your loved ones with those who'll come later on in your story. 


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2014 Seniors: Your future...What does that EVEN mean? 2014 Seniors: Your future....What does that EVEN mean?

Yep it is 2014 and this week almost everywhere across America it is Graduation week. A time to realize all the hard work you've put in and the fact that you can now sleep in and don't have to get to bed at a "decent hour" oh and no more homework...well at least for about 2-3 months til college, but that will be awesome right? Parties for friends, your own party, and a summer full of memories and crazy times. 

But wait, oh right you have to work now, and you have to pay your own phone bill, oh and don't forget about the gas in the car, and the going out to eat with your friends that YOU have to pay for now. Oh and saving up for spending money at college and cool new clothes and oh my gosh, this is nuts. Welcome to adulthood, at least in preparation for more school. There are a lot more responsibilities when you get to this stage in your life, so many more things you can do, with the freedom you've got and earned and the trust you've gained. The pride that your parents take in seeing you grow into a amazing young adult, who's ready to take on the world with poise, passion and confidence, ready to head into your future eyes wide open with hopes and dreams.

The future? What does that even mean? WHO knows what the future will bring? Will it be the way you've planned it out, with all of your college preparations? Will you be ready when it comes? How will you know if what you think you want to do, now, is what you'll be doing in 10 years?

The only thing I can tell you for certain is, that everything you've done and who you've become is already shaping your future. You're already prepared for the things that will happen to you. Some of them will be SUPERTASTIC, some of them dramatic and some of them won't be so great. The key is to learn from each experience you're able to, come out of it better than you went in and face each new challenge with the same passion and confidence you're facing graduation with. Never lose that fire, never forget how you feel now that you've accomplished something great, and it truly is. Not everyone around the world gets to graduate High School, not everyone who has the opportunity does it. But YOU DID IT! You made it through and though at times it was "tough"(yes there are other words for that) you get to walk across the stage and get to shake a hand of your principles and teachers, and they see the progress you've made.

So whatever is out there waiting for you, it will wait, til you're ready and when you are, GO GET IT! You'll find the journey amazing, no matter where it leads you.

Luck is preparation and opportunity. You're prepared, your opportunity will come. Be Ready!

Cheers and Congratulations Class of 2014, we're proud of you!

2014 Senior Graduating Class


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Senior Portrait Photography 2015 for Seniors Senior Portrait Photography for 2015 Seniors:

Whether you're a junior that says, "I don't like my picture" or if you're one of those who "LOVES getting her picture taken" and posting them on instagram or twitter or another social media site. What do you want those pictures to say about you when your grandma see's them? When your parents see them? Or in 30 years when your kids see them? Do you remember looking at your parents year books and commenting on how pretty your mom looked, or how serious your dad looked? Do either of those things really represent your parents as you know them now? If so what is it? If not, what should they say? That your dad is NEVER serious? That your mom is still just as pretty but she's also awesome and has a knack for making you feel better? I bet those things were traits your parents had when they were your age too, but their pictures don't show that at all. 

What I, with your help, will do is make sure that your senior portrait experience really captures the essence of who you are, right now and perhaps, give a glimpse into your future. So that when you look back on this experience and you share them with your loved ones, they can see some of your personality and what makes you, YOUnique, in each of those portraits. 

This won't be your "sit here and smile pretty" senior portrait session, this is going to be a story telling adventure to be remembered and cherished for the whole of your life. Lets make it amazing. 

Appleton North High School Senior 2014

Little Chute High School 2014 Senior Portrait

North High School 2014 Senior Portrait

St. Mary's Central Neenah 2014 Senior Portrait

Your portrait session, just the way you want it, and what you want it to say about you! Book today! 

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Something to believe in.... As I was growing up I can hear this song playing and I liked the words I just never knew if I understood what having "something to believe in" was. I'd had an up and down childhood, full of downs and a few ups but God was holding me near always coming to my rescue in the form of my best friends or Ma and Pa Korn...yes we called them popkorn and makorn...They were so full of love and compassion and they listened. They asked a lot of hard questions as I grew but I always knew I could trust them to be honest with me and still love me. Even to this day they've gotten lots older but they've never stopped loving any of us kids. Now they've got grandkids of their own, whom are AMAZING, mostly cause of their parenting which was passed down. 

But I believe in them. I believe in loving your children, I believe in holding them accountable, but I also believe in listening to them with compassion and trying to see things through their eyes. 

I was reminded of this last weekend when I attended a soccer coaching clinic. You see I'm a girls U-13 soccer coach too. We had the honor of being entertained by Bob Gansler, the US National Team coach from 89-91. This is what he said that really stuck with me, "The genius of coaching is seeing the game through the eyes of the players". 

What I heard was, "The genius of (Parenting/Coaching/Enjoying Life/Being successful in business) is seeing the world through the eyes of a child.

This gives me great pause and a good reminder to stop and see what's going on around us. How we're speaking to each other and what we're teaching our kids to do, how we're teaching them to treat their friends, classmates and teammates.

So today I'm going to stop and see life, through the eyes of a child, it might take some time to get the ice cream off my face but I'll give it a good try, or perhaps I'll let Max the puppy lick it off. 

Have a kind and blessed day friends.


Max -- the dog of wonderHow long do I have to sit here? How do my ears look? When are you going to wash this collar? When do we get to go to the park? How many times are you going to say "just one more"? I better be getting a LARGE bone for all this work!  

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Family; what it means and how precious it is - Wisconsin Family Portrait Photographer I saw a lot of my family tonight. Family that is both precious to me and that I never see enough of. My cousin ended his life on Friday last week. On his own terms and with his own reasons. What I wouldn't give for just one more day, hour or minute with him. Just letting him know what his life and the memories I have of him and I, mean to me, still today. 

I wonder sometimes why we don't do that. Why we miss those days. Why we stop coming around. Why life gets so busy and we just can't spend a little more time. 

Then I realize that we all do just what we can. We make a choice or a number of choices and we take care of those things that are most precious to us. Maybe that is what needs adjustment. Maybe we just need to spend more time, with those others instead of online, instead of with the tv, instead of with people we don't really care about. It is simply a choice of priorities. 

I'm changing those things. I'm going to making sure that those people who have been significant parts of my life, know how much they mean to me. #noregrets #actionsspeakinglouder

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