Meghan Tilot - Senior 2016 - Ashwaubenon Jaguar; Wisconsin Senior Portrait Photography

July 16, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I'm here to introduce Meghan and while she doesn't need much in the way of introduction, I want to share a bit about this amazing young lady. 

Meghan is exceptionally sweet and charming.
She is a kind caring human being that enjoys taking care of residents and creates lasting relationships with them, by doing simple things they appreciate.
She's got a very very sharp mind, you'll be hard pressed to catch her off her game.
She's empathetic and for someone so young that is a great character trait. This helps her in relating to almost everyone she meets, being a great listener and compassionate are simply additional items that give her a solid range of great qualities that will aid her in her life's journey. 
She's been playing varsity tennis now for a couple years and she's a great competitor. While she hates losing, because she's a perfectionist. She also understands that defeats help you grow into a better version of yourself, but don't ever think she'll even think about giving up. Never happen.  
Being focused on her success personally and professionally has brought her over some big hurdles and will continue to launch her, boldly, into her future. She's already got several college credits, as a Junior in HS, and as she eyes Madison next fall, she's making plans to excel there too! 
All in all this is literally one of the best human beings I've ever met. Intelligent, seasoned, hopeful, sarcastic, self-conscious, kind, beautiful, thoughtful, enthusiastic, and polite. She's got so much goodness to give to the planet, watching her grow and blossom is going to be a treat.
Her parents are and rightfully so, very proud of her. I'm just blessed that I got to photograph her and her brother 2 years ago. Being honored by this family's trust in me to give them what they will cherish for years to come, is such a humbling feeling that words do little to express fittingly. Thank you is all I've got. It means the world to me. 

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