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Let's talk about senior portraits. Why are they so important? What's the alure? Why do you need to be sure they are fantastic? What sets us apart? 

Importance: This is a huge stepping stone time. Friendships made in high school often last long into the future and we reflect on times gone by, as we get older, with high school as the measuring stick. "We've come this far" or "Look at where we are now" and "Did you ever think in high school, I'd be doing this?". It is a part of our culture. We are finding ourselves and those who are on the same kind of path we are and we're nutruing those relationships. 

What we at Bill Gellerman Photography try to do with every session is tell a story about who you are right now, today. Because in the blink of an eye, you're going to be a new, different, better, more experienced, fuller, happier and successful, adult. Oh no! Yes. You will be. LOL! Don't worry it isn't that bad but who you are today has a lot to shaping who you are going to be, tomorrow. So we'd like to be accurate when telling your story. 

The alure: Well basically, you get what you want. You don't have to have a studio session, we can do outdoors, if that is your preference. You don't have to sit and smile, especially if you're not a smiler or you feel uncomfortable "smiling" like your mom and grandma want you to, all the time. Yes, I know what that feels like and while it makes mom happy at the time, if you're not having fun, then she won't love the images, because it will show! 

Fantastic: Well don't you want your whole life to be fantastic? isn't always that way, but if you are doing something that's going to tell a story about you, shouldn't it be what YOU want it to be? How you want it to be told? In your own words? With your own style and color? ABSOLUTELY. In my humble opinion, the only way to get it to be fantastic, is to talk to you, and find out what you are about. Who you are and a little bit about why. Then not only do you have a great time, but you'll also love the images. 

What sets Bill Gellerman Photography apart from others... Personality. Customizing each session. Talking about the details and making them happen. Finding out what's most important to mom, dad AND you, because after all this is your legacy. You should have say in what it says about you. I want you to enjoy your experience so much that you encourage others to do it, that when you decide to find a spouse and they say, we need to find a photographer you say, "We've got to have Bill, because my senior portraits were awesome!"

The idea of senior portraits can sound boring and troublesome, I get that. However I'm sure that I can change your mind about how you might think it's going to go. After all, I'm not your mom and dad's senior portrait photographer. I'm an artist and I'd like to write your story, in lights, using your words. 

Give me a call/text/email today and lets make your session the best experience it can be. 920.609.7526 &

Building relationships, like the ones with these seniors and their families, one frame at a time. 

Book your YOU-nique senior portrait session, TODAY! ;-) call/text/email 920.609.7526 or and/or Follow us on Instagram BOLDINSPIREDREAL



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