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April 28, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

It's that time of year when mom says, "I want to see you all, we need a family picture". You all show up at mom's house, ready to eat and enjoy the relaxing feel of the day, seeing your cousins and chatting with your cool uncle about all the cool stuff he does at his job. Hoping you get to nap from the food coma, you can smell coming from grandma's kitchen. 

Then it happens. You know it's going to, you know mom or grandma can't help it. But you've tuned it out, hoping that you won't be forced into it. "C'mon everyone lets get a picture". 

So uncle John sets up his camera on the tripod and for 26 minutes(what seems like 3 hours) you've got to sit next to the cousin who always smell like your old sneakers or your dog and you have to grit your teeth and smile. (IS THIS OVER YET???) Yes I can hear you screaming that in your mind! 

How about this year, you make the plans? How about you say, "mom, we love you and we want you to have something special to put up in the house". "Something that will be timeless, that will represent all of us, that will not involve awkward uncomfortable family stuff." "We want you to have an amazing family portrait, that you can cherish after we leave." Or better yet, one big group family portrait with several other individual family portraits, so there is a grouping that mom can admire and cherish all year. 

So book me today, so you don't have Uncle John/Bob/Henry/Art/Herb setting up his camera for 20 minutes...making everyone crabby. I'm making 5 appointments on Mothers day 2 before noon, 3 afternoon for 1 hour each. I'll come to your house or meet you at a park and we get your whole families portraits set up and I promise, they will be fun! Then I'll spend the time with mom/grandma/grandpa in a week or so, figuring out what they want to display in their home, so you don't have to. 

Call/text/email to book today! Don't wait. 920.609.7526

You can have the whole family being happy! 
I will even photograph just the kids/grandkids so grandma or mom isn't begging you for those pictures all year! ;-) 
You can even photo bomb some of them so mom laughs at you when we look through them! 

And if you've got a young'un, I'll be sure to get plenty of those so you've got some for you too! 

You can have your own unique portrait, that really tells a story about YOUR family! 
Or just a picture of the kid who can jump the highest! She was super awesome! 

Those images that dad's or mom's will cherish forever and when kids are older, they won't have words to it makes them feel to have this. 

Or maybe an image with both kids awake and smiling is the one for you!?! (this is sometimes harder than you think)

Not really, well not for me. I'm just a big kid, so we get along pretty well. HA. 

But for me, the best part? Making an image that your family will cherish for years to come. That you can look back on in 20 years and say, that was REALLY us. We had a good time, we enjoyed that picture and it is a favorite experience of ours, as a family. 
Kids grow up but as they do their memories are embossed and enhanced by the pictures of your family that they are in, that you display in your home. That you send to family and friends and cherish. They learn to appreciate family, from you. So this year, apprecaite who you are, right here, right now, today. Put those memories in a frame and display those memories for the world to see so when they are grown and gone with kids and loved ones of their own, they know the importance of family. 

Call/text/email today. 920.609.7526 or

I can't wait to meet your family!!


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