Carley P. Xavier High School Hawk Model Rep 2016 - Appleton Senior portrait photographer

April 22, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

To know Miss Carley, is to know that she is a giggler. She can giggle at the drop of a hat. She's one of the most loyal, caring and compassionate young ladies I've ever met, with a giggle and a smiley face that can stop you in your steps. 

She's a joy to be around and after I was given the chance to photograph her brother a few years ago, she was just as much fun, and she didn't have any stains on her favorite shirt! (just razzing ya Connor) LOL! 

Anyway she is the 1st of the 2016 Senior Model Reps for me this year and I am so happy to get the opportunity to photograph this awesome time in her life.

"Soon she'll be a woman, with life and responsibilities and all of the pressures of everyday, but for now, she's a shining light. A blossom of hope for all that is new and wonderful, full of adventure and daring, ready to take in and on this whole big world. Courageous, Brave and Beautiful."

See this smile? Her daddy LOOOOOOVESSS THIS! ;-) 

To book your son/daughter's senior portraits get in touch with Carley or call/text/email or 920.609.7526

Let's make your senior portraits something you'll really enjoy and be happy with for years to come. 

Thanks Carley, Michelle and Tom! See you soon!