Family does that relate to the self esteem of your children?

March 24, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

In recent years we've heard a great deal about "the mental health of the next generation" and "how to make them happier kids". With all of the bullying and the very unfortunate worldwide events that have cost kids and loved ones their lives and loved ones it isn't hard to make the connection. We NEED to be aware of how our kids are feeling and how they deal with or communicate those feelings. 
We all want our kids to have a better grasp of the world around them, of life and how to traverse the difficulties they will, undoubtedly, face as they grow and mature. So we share our hardships and our triumphs with them and hopefully, we do so in a way that is both healthy and productive. Another way to give them some hope, some sense of self and the confidence that they are, as my friend Christine says, "enough" just as they are, is by putting portraits of them on display in our homes. 
This is the place we are safe, secure and is a place where we can, let our guard down, because after all, "these people here are my family and they love me, unconditionally, always have and always will". Hopefully being able to be themselves and share the memories of past experiences, see those moments in times, like "trophies" in and around the home can help to elevate their self worth and their love of themselves and their family. Yes even their brother or sister who is "ALWAYS in my stuff". LOL! 

Here is an article that I think you'll find very insightful and hopefully inspiring.

When you're ready to book a session and put those memories on display in your home, give me a call, I would love to spend a day with your family documenting your memories, making some new ones and if I can, help to build your children's image of themselves. Happiness is contagious! Hope is a super power! 

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