Booking now...2016 Senior Reps

February 15, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

That's right, we're booking 2016 Senior Reps now! Get your application in, set up a consult. Get the details down. Make the most of your experience. Plan an epic session, whether it be up in door county at Cave Point at 4am to see the sunrise or if you'd rather do it in the middle of Lake Winnebago at Sunset, or perhaps you're a football player who wants to have the most rough and tough images in your school, or perhaps you're a scholar and you spend a lot of time in the library or studying at home. The best part is if your ideas are awesome, we can and WILL make them better than imagined. 

So 1st things 1st, tell your mom or dad to call. Set up a time to meet with me and we talk about who you are and why you're the most amazing person you are, obviously. Ps if you're a comedian, we're getting you a stage and a microphone, NOT KIDDING! Then, we meet, you and your parents answer a few questions about you, your life, your dreams and hopes, what it is you want to go out into the world to do and then we schedule your session. That easy. Then you get outfit recommendations, you get to choose what you like best and mom gets to choose what Grandma will like best! HAHA, you know how Grandma likes you clean and smiling, then we get ready for your session. If you're a guy or girl with long flowing locks of awesome hair, you'll get a style and then we'll shoot. No time limit, no location constraints, and no "look over here and smile pretty" cause...yeah you know what I'm talking about. 

Then, we'll edit the best of the best at least 50 images and then you and your parents get to pick out what you want to display in your house, what you want to share with your friends. You'll get a cool phone app, for iPhones or Androids, that you can share your pictures that way too, and your parents will have a chance to pic out keepsakes, cause you're gonna want them when you're 30ish and have kids of your own, trust me on this, I know! 

So if you want to have a great time, and don't want to regret doing this the best way you possibly can. Get ahold of me today! No time to waste! Session times are limited as are available dates! Talk soon!