Adam and Megan: Engaged and in Love

July 17, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Adam and Megan: Engaged and in Love. When we were heading to the Farmers Market I wanted Adam and Megan to really get into the emotions of what they felt for one another so I asked Adam if he remembered how he felt in the days and hours leading up to the big moment, and he did. I asked Megan if she remembered that day or couple of days where she just knew that when and if he asked, she was already to say Yes. She said, "I just knew we fit together so well, he didn't drive me crazy like other people do sometimes and really we just fit." Truer words were never spoken, they do indeed just fit together. 

So we spent some time doing the things they love to do together, which is mostly being, together. I can't wait to photograph their wedding in just over a month, it is going to be amazing. 

They are so cute together! 
And they really do smile almost all the time! 
They are really great together! 
See!! She's even smiling in there! 
Like she said, they just fit!
Thanks so much for letting me share this day with you guys! Lots of laughs and fun. See you soon! 


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