2015 Seniors: Why is a senior portrait so dang important?

July 09, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Those of you whom are going to be seniors, don't you ask yourselves this question? Why is my senior portrait so important? 

Well I've got a couple ideas on that, I don't know that they are answers, I don't know that they apply to everyone, but at the very least they might give you something to think about and consider. 
You are a teenager, full of wonder and freedom, full of promise and hope, full of self doubt and insecurity, full of desire to please others and be noticed, to be special to someone, someone who doesn't have to treat you well, but wants to, because of whom you are.

I believe these qualities must be remembered when photographing seniors, men and women, because they are just that. Young men and women, looking for someone to give them a glimpse into their futures, helping them to grasp this time in their lives and how special it is, someone to give them a memory of whom they are right here and right now, that they can hold onto, embrace even, so they can find their path without losing themselves. This is their biggest photography event in their lives, most of them have a lot of their own input into, it is a stepping stone. It is my belief that that stone should lead to somewhere with promise of new starts, new hope, new freedom, new character, new courage, bigger dreams, bigger ideas and the security of knowing they might fall, but that as long as they stay true to themselves, nothing can keep them down. 

So I say to you all, go get your dreams, chase them down like a wild stallion on the plains, racing the wind. Knowing your feet will carry you, being grounded and know you've got your feet under you and your wings are just learning to work. 

Your senior portraits are about so much more than your pictures, they are a story of your life, where you've come from and whom you are, so that when you are ready to take flight, or even small steps, you also know where you started and that you can always come home again, where your story is always going to be special to those who've watched you grow into the young adult you are. 

Dream big, find your wings, hold on tight and embrace the dawn of each new day with excitement and promise. You've got this, you've earned it. 

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