Senior Portrait Photography 2015 for Seniors

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Senior Portrait Photography for 2015 Seniors:

Whether you're a junior that says, "I don't like my picture" or if you're one of those who "LOVES getting her picture taken" and posting them on instagram or twitter or another social media site. What do you want those pictures to say about you when your grandma see's them? When your parents see them? Or in 30 years when your kids see them? Do you remember looking at your parents year books and commenting on how pretty your mom looked, or how serious your dad looked? Do either of those things really represent your parents as you know them now? If so what is it? If not, what should they say? That your dad is NEVER serious? That your mom is still just as pretty but she's also awesome and has a knack for making you feel better? I bet those things were traits your parents had when they were your age too, but their pictures don't show that at all. 

What I, with your help, will do is make sure that your senior portrait experience really captures the essence of who you are, right now and perhaps, give a glimpse into your future. So that when you look back on this experience and you share them with your loved ones, they can see some of your personality and what makes you, YOUnique, in each of those portraits. 

This won't be your "sit here and smile pretty" senior portrait session, this is going to be a story telling adventure to be remembered and cherished for the whole of your life. Lets make it amazing. 

Appleton North High School Senior 2014

Little Chute High School 2014 Senior Portrait

North High School 2014 Senior Portrait

St. Mary's Central Neenah 2014 Senior Portrait

Your portrait session, just the way you want it, and what you want it to say about you! Book today! 


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