Fathers Day: Did you get a picture WITH your dad?

June 19, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Fathers Day: Did you get a picture WITH your dad? 

Did you get one with your mom for Mothers day? 

Why? Or better yet, why NOT? 

Is it too hard to schedule a portrait session with a professional for a day when your entire family is gathered to celebrate the people who made you, possible? Who taught you love and respect? Who continue to support you as you raise your family? When you think about the pictures in your home, are those roots, where you've come from, in them? 
Have you celebrated them, and kept their memories, so that you can share that with your own grandchildren? Perhaps your great grandchildren? 

Didn't you wonder, when you were a child, where you came from and who came before you? 
The memories you've got as a child, are so so precious to you the laughs the way your dads hands wrapped around you and his beard scratched you. The way your mom's hair smelled as she hugged you. The way her shirt smelled when she hugged you randomly throughout the day. The way your dad looked and smelled when he came home from work. Those are all things that hold your memories in a safe, secure and happy place in your heart. 
Don't those memories, the laughs, the hugs, the sounds and the feelings, deserve to be set aside in some portraits, saved for future generations, so that the stories are crisp and clear for them and so you can tell your stories to them, about where you came from? 

Call to book that family portrait session today. Don't wait. Fall is the busy time here with the colors, but where ever you want them done and whenever, it is never too early or too late. Don't wait til it is. 

Share your loved ones with those who'll come later on in your story. 



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