2014 Seniors: Your future...What does that EVEN mean?

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2014 Seniors: Your future....What does that EVEN mean?

Yep it is 2014 and this week almost everywhere across America it is Graduation week. A time to realize all the hard work you've put in and the fact that you can now sleep in and don't have to get to bed at a "decent hour" oh and no more homework...well at least for about 2-3 months til college, but that will be awesome right? Parties for friends, your own party, and a summer full of memories and crazy times. 

But wait, oh right you have to work now, and you have to pay your own phone bill, oh and don't forget about the gas in the car, and the going out to eat with your friends that YOU have to pay for now. Oh and saving up for spending money at college and cool new clothes and oh my gosh, this is nuts. Welcome to adulthood, at least in preparation for more school. There are a lot more responsibilities when you get to this stage in your life, so many more things you can do, with the freedom you've got and earned and the trust you've gained. The pride that your parents take in seeing you grow into a amazing young adult, who's ready to take on the world with poise, passion and confidence, ready to head into your future eyes wide open with hopes and dreams.

The future? What does that even mean? WHO knows what the future will bring? Will it be the way you've planned it out, with all of your college preparations? Will you be ready when it comes? How will you know if what you think you want to do, now, is what you'll be doing in 10 years?

The only thing I can tell you for certain is, that everything you've done and who you've become is already shaping your future. You're already prepared for the things that will happen to you. Some of them will be SUPERTASTIC, some of them dramatic and some of them won't be so great. The key is to learn from each experience you're able to, come out of it better than you went in and face each new challenge with the same passion and confidence you're facing graduation with. Never lose that fire, never forget how you feel now that you've accomplished something great, and it truly is. Not everyone around the world gets to graduate High School, not everyone who has the opportunity does it. But YOU DID IT! You made it through and though at times it was "tough"(yes there are other words for that) you get to walk across the stage and get to shake a hand of your principles and teachers, and they see the progress you've made.

So whatever is out there waiting for you, it will wait, til you're ready and when you are, GO GET IT! You'll find the journey amazing, no matter where it leads you.

Luck is preparation and opportunity. You're prepared, your opportunity will come. Be Ready!

Cheers and Congratulations Class of 2014, we're proud of you!

2014 Senior Graduating Class



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