Something to believe in....

March 25, 2014  •  2 Comments

As I was growing up I can hear this song playing and I liked the words I just never knew if I understood what having "something to believe in" was. I'd had an up and down childhood, full of downs and a few ups but God was holding me near always coming to my rescue in the form of my best friends or Ma and Pa Korn...yes we called them popkorn and makorn...They were so full of love and compassion and they listened. They asked a lot of hard questions as I grew but I always knew I could trust them to be honest with me and still love me. Even to this day they've gotten lots older but they've never stopped loving any of us kids. Now they've got grandkids of their own, whom are AMAZING, mostly cause of their parenting which was passed down. 

But I believe in them. I believe in loving your children, I believe in holding them accountable, but I also believe in listening to them with compassion and trying to see things through their eyes. 

I was reminded of this last weekend when I attended a soccer coaching clinic. You see I'm a girls U-13 soccer coach too. We had the honor of being entertained by Bob Gansler, the US National Team coach from 89-91. This is what he said that really stuck with me, "The genius of coaching is seeing the game through the eyes of the players". 

What I heard was, "The genius of (Parenting/Coaching/Enjoying Life/Being successful in business) is seeing the world through the eyes of a child.

This gives me great pause and a good reminder to stop and see what's going on around us. How we're speaking to each other and what we're teaching our kids to do, how we're teaching them to treat their friends, classmates and teammates.

So today I'm going to stop and see life, through the eyes of a child, it might take some time to get the ice cream off my face but I'll give it a good try, or perhaps I'll let Max the puppy lick it off. 

Have a kind and blessed day friends.


Max -- the dog of wonderHow long do I have to sit here? How do my ears look? When are you going to wash this collar? When do we get to go to the park? How many times are you going to say "just one more"? I better be getting a LARGE bone for all this work!  


Bill this is beautiful. I too believe that if we could only see the world through the eyes of a child things would be much much better. Children have so much knowledge, insight, joy and love to share with us if we only take the time to listen. Thank you for sharing.
Amanda Red(non-registered)
Bill, I just love this. Especially the part about ice cream on your face! Thank you so much for sharing your perspective and encouragement. <3
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