Family; what it means and how precious it is - Wisconsin Family Portrait Photographer

March 04, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I saw a lot of my family tonight. Family that is both precious to me and that I never see enough of. My cousin ended his life on Friday last week. On his own terms and with his own reasons. What I wouldn't give for just one more day, hour or minute with him. Just letting him know what his life and the memories I have of him and I, mean to me, still today. 

I wonder sometimes why we don't do that. Why we miss those days. Why we stop coming around. Why life gets so busy and we just can't spend a little more time. 

Then I realize that we all do just what we can. We make a choice or a number of choices and we take care of those things that are most precious to us. Maybe that is what needs adjustment. Maybe we just need to spend more time, with those others instead of online, instead of with the tv, instead of with people we don't really care about. It is simply a choice of priorities. 

I'm changing those things. I'm going to making sure that those people who have been significant parts of my life, know how much they mean to me. #noregrets #actionsspeakinglouder


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